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Gyudon (Japanese Beef Rice Bowl)

Quick and simple Japanese rice bowls that are simply full of flavor!
Gyudon, short for gyu donburi, or bowl of rice with meat, is a Japanese dish consisting of meat and onions in a rice bowl. In Japan, gyudon is quite common and can even be considered a type of fast food with several large chains specializing in it, such as Yoshinoya and Sukiya. I tried gyudons at both Yoshinoya and Sukiya when I was on vacation in Japan (years ago), enjoyed both and this is my favorite home version! Boil the onions in a broth with soy sauce, mirin and sugar until the onions are tender before adding the meat and cook until the meat is freshly cooked before pouring it over the rice in a bowl. These meat bowls are so easy to make at home, it takes less time than cooking rice, and they are so good!

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